Improve your Latin technique in this fun Dance Masterclass! It is suitable for those who are new to Ballroom and are looking to gain a foundation in this dance technique. During the course of the masterclass you will refresh and refine dance steps, improve your poise and grace of movement.

      Sunday classes will skip Super Bowl Sunday (2/7) and end one week late on 2/14

      our philosophy

      Our school was founded in 1997 to promote social dancing of all kinds. Our community of instructors, staff and clients welcome and encourage any and everyone to come out dancing. Housed on the 2nd floor of a 1908 Odd Fellows temple, our school is made up of two elegant venues ranging from 1500 to 2500 sq. ft., all with sprung wood floors.

      Top trainers

      The entire coaching staff has university degrees and diplomas on a profile "sports ballroom dancing, physical education and sport".

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      High results

      1996 brought more than 20 masters of sports, sports master candidates, and more than 100 athletes of level I, II, III.

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      Social Ballroom

      Your partners are going to interact with you spontaneously, for fun, doing steps that are also enjoyable for them.

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      Competitive Ballroom

      In this ballroom, you can make sure that your steps and styles are done precisely and correctly.

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      Exhibition Ballroom

      Entertain the audience by taking part in Exhibition Ballroom and showing impressive moves.

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      TangoAce nearest workshop will take place at Villa Golf Resort in Ocho Rios on November 15, 2016.
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